A party to replace the dinosaur Liberal and Labor parties of Australia

Australia’s Representatives is doing something that hasn’t been done before, it’s about creating a new modern system of democracy, we are not replicating the old totalitarian system! 

Call for action from Peter Harris, the party’s founder:

(And this impromptu video by Peter Harris – and this from Peter Harris at the Millions March in Sydney on 29 May 2021).

Join as member at: https://ausreps.org/become-a-member/

Rationale for the party: 


Our major political parties are hierarchical organisations that are not transparent. They do not engage with the public nor respond to their concerns

Australia’s Representatives is innovative and entirely different to the dinosaur parties currently operating in Australia today.

Our elected members will represent the people and the values that have served us well as a nation: liberty, justice and integrity. This is different to the interests of the party power brokers, vested interests, donors and global interests at odds with what is best for Australia that these big parties represent.

This political party would not have come into being had things not gone so badly off the rails since March 2020.

Over the course of the last year, the two major political parties of Australia have become totalitarian. They have stopped listening to the people. They treat the Australian Parliament and the people with contempt, imagining that they have a right to rule.

They have forgotten that they are paid by the taxpayer to serve the people. They have distanced themselves from the voice of the citizens and are therefore unfit to serve this nation.

Millions of Australians are disillusioned and disappointed in the two-party system and it is time for change. Australia needs a new vision and direction back to grassroots democracy in which the people can and must have a say in the way they are governed.

Elected members of Australia’s Representatives will represent the people, not the party. We will return Australia to what it was always intended to be, a Representative Democracy where the voice of the people is heard in the parliaments of Australia.

In doing so we will be guided by eternal values that find resonance in the human soul, and by policy frameworks that are reflective of evidence and careful thought.

  • To us liberty is not just an empty word as it is to the Liberal Party. It is a concept full of real meaning that must inform every action and every policy.
  • To us the welfare of the working class, the battlers and of those who cannot support themselves is not a euphemism to hide the vested interests of organised unions as it is for the Labor Party.
  • To us the need to acknowledge, remedy the harms and celebrate the future of the First Australians is not just an empty promise as it is for the Liberal and Labor parties.

We actually mean it when we say we support liberty and a fair go for every Australian.

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