Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser’s Editorial: Friday on my Mind – editorial by Graham Gorrel

Editorial by Graham Gorrel, 12 May 2021 [PDF]

Friday on my Mind

The column resumes today at a potentially vital and exciting time. What so many readers and voters have been screaming for is about to happen – a brand new political party “to replace the dinosaur Liberal and Labor parties of Australia”.

The focus of the new party, Australia’s Representatives, is on restoring our democracy; it is about freedom and liberty. It is about an entirely different representation than that currently being provided by a dinosaurian pairing of government and opposition parties whose brokers, vested interests, donors and global interests have, as an AR spokesman told Google earlier this month, run amok from the day in March 2013 when we foolishly elected Tony Abbott as PM and in doing so neglected Mr and Mrs Middle Australia. That’s still happening.

Right now, the Morrison Government is bribing us all again with budgetary sweets and dodgy employment figures while its “mate”, the ALP, stands by, devoid of policies and expecting to win government in a possible election later this year designed to do no more than keep pathetic MPs in their exorbitant salaries and perks for another three years.

As a FOMM scout (and a former Labor supporter) said when informed of the new party: “Whoever runs the new party must get away from the polarised ideals of the current major parties; people are looking for change, not more of the same. Voters want a new fresh approach, a new agenda”.

“More importantly, whoever and whatever the new party is, they have got to do it quickly. The message clearly has to be from the new party to voters, ‘this is your party, your chance to bring about change to the political system in this country and how we elect it’”.

From another NSW column contact: “The country is going to pot (and too many smoking pot as well?). The Coalition is in disarray and the ALP not much better. Our entire parliament processes currently are about who can pork barrel the most and who can line their own pockets”.

Then this from a retired miner in Broken Hill: “I have lost confidence in any of the current political parties; it’s about time they started to come up with policies to benefit the country as a whole and stop privatising all our assets. We will end up with nothing.”

So; what is Australia’s Representatives and who’s driving it? Peter Harris, who started Family First in 2000, is leading some heavy hitters from around the nation and particularly regional Australia and the pastoral and agricultural regions. My contact, a former Wagga resident who held some serious positions in the Queensland Liberal Party before having a leap of faith and ditching it to be a foundation member of AR, said it was not looking for a few Senate seats but running candidates in every single electorate. She told me: “It does not matter what you believe but about how you want to live your life … the bottom line is that as a human being we must have a choice and right now we don’t. Right now it is about freedom and liberty. Scott Morrison has broken so many laws it is unconscionable”.


“I can definitely say that we will give the next election our best shot. We are aiming for the big prize. You may think that’s a bit of a stretch, but hey, anything is possible. Look at Wagga; now a state seat held by an Independent”.

Family First was always meant to be centrist until the far right fundamentalists started dictating policies which has prompted AR, I was told, to recruit only those with the “bottom up rather than the top down AR concept”.

The pensioner I sat alongside in the GP’s surgery this week was another to highlight, as so many column readers have, the shortcomings of major parties towards middle Australians.

Still waiting 43 days for his landline to be repaired is a fair indication of how governments have forgotten what public services are supposed to represent. Add to this the appalling state of our health services (and Media Watch this week on the ABC graphically portrayed the disgrace this has reached in NSW).

What is so aggravating about this is that we have the finest doctors, nurses and health professionals in the nation but many regional and rural hospitals are running so short, that as Media Watch reported, a man with a possible stroke was “minded” by a hospital cook at a regional NSW hospital for three hours.

Then there is the neglect of education, water, tax evasion and funding of the ABC under the dinosaur parties. Dump them!



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