Values and principles


Our party believes in and supports universal values and best practice principles of public policy, which include (the list below is not exhaustive):

Perpetual consultation and evidence-based policy consistent with human rights

  1. The Party will require its candidates to sign a Community Pact, then published by the Party, in which they commit to perpetually consult and engage with their electorates, to ensure their votes as elected members to the Parliament reflect the wishes and expectations of their constituents, subject to the values and principles that the Party stands for.
  2. All elected members of the Party will be required to commit to be responsive to issues raised in writing by their constituents. Where appropriate, they will be able to provide a consolidated response. Where a common issue is raised by a sufficient number of constituents, the elected member will be required to raise the matter in the Parliament.
  3. The Party will assist elected members with a range of consultation tools including IT-based innovations. Elected members will also seek support from volunteers within their electorates and engage in any local assemblies and town hall meetings to ensure proper engagement with their communities.
  4. Party candidates and elected members commit to personally behave in a manner that meets the expectations of their constituents.
  5. Party candidates and elected members will publicly disclose any conflicts of interests and those who brief/lobby them.
  6. The Party will develop broad policy positions on the obligations of the Australian government based upon the perpetual feedback received from elected members and their constituents, and consistent with the Party’s values and policy framework.


  1. In addition to the values highlighted in the Preamble, the Party champions the primacy of human rights including (illustratively) privacy and protection from any unnecessary government surveillance; freedom of speech; freedom of movement; freedom of religion; freedom of choice; and bodily autonomy.
  2. The Party believes that any role for the government in the private lives of its citizens must be thoroughly justified and assessed to be in the best interests for all Australians before any such intervention is adopted.
  3. The Party embraces the primacy of the family as a foundational unit of society and the primacy of parental choice and beliefs in promoting the welfare of their children and family. The Party considers that considerations about the family must largely remain outside the scope of the government, being a matter of individual belief and self-management.
  4. Commitment to the health and wellbeing of all children including sustainable policies to assure their future.
  5. The Party is focused on supporting the regeneration of the soul of the nation. The Party opposes precepts that undermine individual responsibility and character development or brainwash children by misrepresenting historical events to create divisions in areas where great social progress has been hard fought for and won. The Party also opposes school processes that undermine the role of parents.
  6. The Party will actively seek to expose corruption at all levels and seek to build a culture of transparency and full disclosure in all institutions in Australia.

Party’s policy framework and a guiding Policy Platform

  1. The Party will publish a detailed policy framework to guide its policy making process.
  2. The Party promotes policy and legislative agendas that are evidence-based and transparent to the Australian people, with relevant data obtained from independent, non-conflicted individuals. The Party rejects policy that abdicates the consideration of real (fully substantiated) facts and probabilities, and implications on human rights, such as through speculative models, scientism (belief in science) or the precautionary principle.
  3. In considering policy or reviewing bills and legislation, the Party is committed to the use of Legislative or Regulatory Impact Statements wherever possible, with detailed cost-benefit analysis as appropriate including specific analysis of impacts on liberty, on the family, on the community and on the environment – with this information being made available for public comment.
  4. This combination of perpetual consultation and feedback and robust policy analysis will inform the Party’s policy platform which will act as an overarching guide to our candidates and elected members.

Conscience voting by elected members

  1. With the exception of Supply Bills and Confidence motions, the Party supports all elected members to vote with their conscience and best judgement with respect to what is in the best interests of their electorates.
  2. This is considered acceptable to the Party, even in the event a member may vote contrary to Party policy but consistent with the Party’s values and policy frameworks and through the detailed public disclosure of reasons. Stronger justification requirements could be expected from elected members who form part of the Cabinet of a government, while ensuring as much freedom of expression as possible
  3. We consider that society is ill-served by group think. We prefer challenging debates that illuminate and inform the best way forward for society.

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