Newsletter #1 – dated 25 April 2021

Dear members and supporters of Australia’s Representatives, we are delighted to launch our first update.

A day to reaffirm our commitment to liberty

By Sanjeev Sabhlok

Today is ANZAC day. Early morning today, I recorded a message for fellow Australians, available at:

A nation can only exist with a strong defence capability. Our armed forces defend not merely our borders – most importantly they defend our liberty. Liberty, which has been earned at huge cost of blood and treasure over the centuries, must not be allowed to lapse in the face of a pandemic. We must not allow the life of those who fought and died for us to have been sacrificed in vain.

The history of the 20th century shows us how fragile liberty is. The best way to remember and honour those who fought and lost their life for us, is to reaffirm our commitment to liberty and our determination to never give it up, and definitely not for a relatively modest pandemic.

We re-affirm today to ourselves as free people of a free nation.

  • We expect our governments to rely upon us to take precautions for our own health and the health of others in our care.
  • We must never forego unquestioned autonomy over our own body, freedom of movement and freedom of speech.

We reject outright the Australia of 2020 and 2021 in which false government propaganda has made people afraid for their lives and many of us have forgotten our basic humanity, reasoning, and values.

Curfews, lockdowns, requirement of mandatory masks outdoors – these are all un-Australian and go against the spirit of the ANZACs.

Not a single official pandemic plan, not a single public health textbook, not a single published scientific paper ever recommended the kinds of measures Australia has implemented during this relatively modest covid pandemic.

Australia’s Representatives condemns the WA government’s recent actions

The disruption of ANZAC ceremonies in parts of Australia for the second year in a row is completely unacceptable. The fact that Mark McGowan announced the snap lockdown on the day that the state of emergency was to end, confirms that this was a power grab, with nothing whatsoever to do with public health.

The consequences of this brutal, un-Australian action by McGowan have been far-reaching.

Michael Darby from Western Australia has written: “The great West Australian and world class poet Arthur Leggatt OAM was scheduled to recite the Ode at the Cenotaph at the Perth Anzac Day Service which has now been cancelled. Arthur, now 102 years old, was a slave-labourer prisoner of the Nazis and knows that every Anzac Day might be his last. He was denied his Anzac Day in 2020, and the authoritarian WA Premier has done it to him again”.

Michael Darby decided to break Perth’s lockdown rules today and walked, in his crutches, the ANZAC march with a sign saying “Honour the fallen”, undoubtedly in part for Arthur Leggatt and the many other fallen heroes of our nation. The Police supported him the whole way. This poignant video has gone viral across Australia and the world.

The Western Australian government could have taken a range of precautions without cancelling ANZAC ceremonies altogether. Freedom, and its remembrance, is too important to be curtailed in this totalitarian manner even in the midst of a pandemic.

Australia’s Representatives is committed to opposing the unjustified and disproportionate actions of our state Premiers – that have been supported all along by a weak and gutless Prime Minister. All of them have blithely broken Australia’s laws and ignored the human rights covenants that we have signed as a nation.

In this regard, our party will closely monitor the Federal Government’s pursuit of vaccine passports – which will be a further and grievous assault on our freedoms. Our Party, with your support, will fight to ensure these draconian and divisive measures never materialise.

Treat the Cause or the Symptom?

By Peter Harris

I’m no doctor but I do know that as a general rule one is better to treat the cause of a disease or problem before it manifests into a symptom.

History tells us that humans are more comfortable treating symptoms than dealing with the cause. That’s why there is a $1.25 trillion prescription drug industry in the world today. To bring that into context, the global music industry is worth about $35 billion (or 0.028%). Humanity has become addicted to treating the symptom and not the cause.

Most often in times of crisis, whether it be the human body or some other element of our world, we treat symptoms in order to avoid a tragedy or catastrophe. Symptom treatment is generally used when things have been allowed to spiral out of control.

If humanity understood this then the symptom industry would not be so big. It seems we prefer to take our medicine later than sooner!

Wouldn’t life be better if we learnt from history and dealt with causes rather than the resulting symptoms when they manifest?

Right now, people are angry, and rightly so, that their liberties have been stripped away and their rights have been aggressively eroded. Whether it is having movement restricted, vaccine passports, having to wear a mask, social spacing, lockdowns or legislation that erodes our personal sovereignty, we all know something is wrong.

Many groups are fighting against the measures put in place by various governments. I think this is an appropriate response but it must not be the primary response.

The cause of our plight can be gleaned from history. Look at the Romans and nations that have fallen into tyranny and totalitarianism: it is always the apathy of the people.

Both major Australian political parties have become addicted to being the masters and not the servants. They do what they want because they know that the citizens of Australia will largely swallow whatever they dish up.

Both the ALP and Liberal parties have become top-down organisations littered with personal agendas, power brokers, vested interests, globalist agendas, corruption and criminal behaviour. They have stopped listening to the people and believe it is their God-given right to dominate the people of this nation. They have abandoned the democracy we thought we were all living in.

So here we are chasing the symptoms of a collapsed democracy rather than dealing with the cause, apathy.

This is just the latest incarnation of “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

That’s why Australia’s Representatives has been established, it’s time to address the cause of the problem. We need to show Australians, who have been lulled into a false sense of security, that there is an alternative to totalitarianism. Its called Representative Democracy where elected members represent the people that elected them, not those that selected them.

It’s time to change the way politics and governance works in this nation.

It’s time to reverse the system that has evolved and make it for the people once again. It’s not easy and requires discipline to represent the people, but it must be done.

It is your right to protest and oppose the things you do not believe in. But we must now also stand-up and change the system itself so this never happens again.

Join us as we return Australia to democracy where our elected members will serve you, not rule you.

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4 thoughts on “Newsletter #1 – dated 25 April 2021
  1. Beverley Winterburn

    Fantastic news. This is exactly what we the people of Australia need. Massive change in our political system. We are living in a dictatorship right now and we will never be free unless action is taken immediately. I think we need to get right out of our 2 party preferred system which is obviously corrupt.They are 2 wings of the same bird. We also need to leave the UN, WHO, Paris Climate Agreement, Lima agreement, oh AND the Dominion Vote Counting System. All corrupt. They do not help us at all.

  2. Greg

    Will this be enough to win ?
    Today Craig Kelly Facebook page has been removed ? Totalitarian Censorship and why ? If not him we wouid not probably even know about any side effects, Problems with Vaccines and Ivermectin or The other one !
    Will we try to join all patriots in Australia and go together?

  3. Pen

    Congratulations in this first newsletter.
    I ditto Beverley’s comment. Australia is under UN/WEF/GATES instructions it seems. At this stage I cannot imagine what could enable forgiveness of their crimes. Some excellent statements in Harris’s article.
    Also, i think the logo is excellent. Combines the green and gold, the ochre of Uluru and the coloured sthn cross is great in the shining light from above. Great symbolism.

  4. Michael

    1. The Constitution must be followed to the letter of the LAW
    2. The prescribed Oath must be sworn to exactly as verbatim
    3. There is only a Commonwealth of Australia not the Australian Government
    4. There are no Political Parties in the Constitution ( only Members of Parliament who represent their Electorates.) Senators represent their States
    5. There is no Local Government
    6. There is only trial by Jury (section 80)
    7. Water is free (section 100)
    8. Compulsory voting and preferential voting is a fraud there is one vote not votes per Citizen


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