FAQ (Policy)

Question received: Why aren’t you concentrating on stopping the “genocide” by vaccines?

Answer: AusReps supports vaccine choice and strongly opposes any coercion, such as vaccine passports. We have asked for the full disclosure of the facts by the government. We are not confident that the government is providing full disclosure or taking a risk-based approach.

Illustrative articulation of our position:





On vaccine passports



Question received: If our candidates sign the pact to first serve their constituents, what would happen if, we were elected on a platform to never let happen with borders what has happened now, and a situation say like this pandemic arose again and 70% of an elected member’s constituents said we want the borders closed.

Answer: The party’s Constitution specifies that elected members need to do two things in order to be able to vote against the party’s preferred policy position.

First, they can cite their constituent’s wishes. But second, they must also publish detailed reasons in compliance with the party’s values and policy framework.

If they don’t publish detailed reasons for voting against the Party’s policy positions, they can be removed from the Party and will mandatorily forfeit their seat in Parliament.

In this particular case there is no possibility that they can provide detailed justifications since border closures and such measures are inconsistent with the laws as well as with the science. In such a case it will become obligatory on their part to talk to their constituents about the law and the science and to persuade them to change their mind.