FAQ – general

Question received: While the objectives and processes of AusReps are commendable, I still question whether or not we need to go on fragmenting the efforts of so many groups that have sprung forth as a result of world and local events over the past 15 months. I see more need for getting behind one party and one group, already established that represents as near as possible to the collective values of all branches of resistance to the totalitarian regime currently in power.

Answer: AusReps deeply respects and supports the work of the wide range of smaller parties and independents who are engaged in the David vs. Goliath war against totalitarian policies in Australia.

Sanjeev Sabhlok has been holding extensive discussions since February 2021 with a number of such parties and groups as part of his “third front” proposal, to work out preferencing and other arrangements. These discussions are ongoing, with some progress being made from time to time.

AusReps has come about because of three main reasons:

1) A number of the smaller parties (e.g. IMOP, No Mandatory Vaccine Party) are “single issue” parties. They are not in direct competition with the Liberal and Labor parties.

2) The few broad-policy small parties we have (e.g. LDP/GAP) are not interested in forming government, either. That requires competing in in lower house seats but their eye is mainly on “balance of power” through the upper house.

3) Peter Harris’s analysis of the cause of the current situation (the failure of representative democracy) is a game changer. His vision to dramatically enhance democratic representation for the people by creating a party in which elected members are responsive and accountable to their constituents (based also on values and a policy framework): not to the party, is something that needs to be tried out and a party built that will deliver this vision.

AusReps represents a huge innovation in politics. We believe this new kind of a party – which is more of a platform (based on values and a policy framework) – and thereby gives enormous freedom for debate and discussion to its elected members, is the way forward for the entire world, given the collapse of democracy worldwide.

Today, we have a duopoly and bipartisan support from both sides of politics on almost all issues.

Both sides have the same stand on COVID – a stand that directly breaches the Biosecurity Act and other laws. Both sides advocate a ‘new normal’ and – all the way from diluting family values to gender confusion, taking political correctness to ever increasing, often bizarre extremes, and eroding values and beliefs based on morality, trust and altruism, beliefs that have stood the test of time. Both squander public funds giving little importance to building national infrastructure to strengthen the country. Both ignore rural Australia, our national backbone. Both pander to the Greens, both stifle debate on issues such as climate change.

They are in bed together and do not care for the national interest.

It is time to turn the tables around. We should prevent either major party from getting more than 50% of seats in the Parliament, ending their scams. A good proportion of decent, level-headed Australians feel disempowered, unrepresented and disenfranchised. Australia’s Representatives is founded on the understanding that Australians deserve proper representation in Parliament. The silent majority need to speak out, be heard, and have their vote count in a meaningful way.